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Your Local Ideal Logic Installer

Choosing A New Boiler For Your Home


Replacing your boiler is a big purchase decision, one which you shouldn't consider without understanding what's best for you and your home. Here are a few things to consider when booking a quote with us.

Boiler Types

Focusing on gas boilers, there are three main types that we install: combination, heat-only and system. Don't worry if you're unsure which boiler type is best for you, our experienced team provides impartial advice and recommendations based on your home and hot water requirements. And rest assured, our boiler quotes are fixed and provided upfront so you know exactly what to expect from us.

Combination Boiler

Live in a flat or small house with little storage? This boiler is most suited for your home.

Often referred to as a combi, these boilers heat water straight from the mains as and when required. This removes the need for a hot water cylinder and/or storage tank, which can save space in your home, particularly if you live in a small house or flat. It's worth noting however, that your water pressure may reduce when operating multiple facilities at the same time, i.e. having a shower in the bathroom and running the hot tap in the kitchen. Whilst hot water may take a few seconds to heat up, it is not limited by the volume of your hot water cylinder.

Heat-only Boiler

Live in a house with more than one bathroom? This boiler is suitable for your home, if you have lots of storage space.

Sometimes referred to as a conventional boiler, a heat-only boiler distributes hot water to your radiators and hot water cylinder. Heat-only boilers are better suited to larger homes as water flow doesn't reduce when operating multiple facilities at the same time. Hot water is, however, limited to the volume of your hot water cylinder and, when you run out, you'll have to wait for your hot water to heat up again.

System Boiler

Live in a house with more than one bathroom? This boiler is suitable for your home, if you have little storage space.

Similar to a heat-only boiler but with additional components, a system boiler doesn't require a storage tank. This reduces the necessity for more storage space and, again, is better suited to larger homes with more than one bathroom as water flow doesn't reduce when operating multiple facilities at the same time. As with a heat-only boiler, hot water is limited to the volume of your hot water cylinder, and you'll have to wait for additional hot water.

Boiler Size

Once you've established which boiler type is most suitable for your home, you need to consider the size.

Firstly, you'll want to check your new boiler would be able to match your heating and hot water requirements. Discovering which size boiler is right for you is a unique process, as it depends on your hot water usage and how many people live in your home. Understanding the necessary boiler size for your home is something our professional team can help with as part of your no obligation quote.

Secondly and more straight forward, you'll need to ensure your new boiler would physically fit where you wish for it to be installed. Sometimes boilers are installed in compact spaces such as cupboards or fitted kitchen units. Checking the measurements of your new boiler is important to ensure it'll fit in the space intended.

Boiler Manufacturers

We've been installing gas boilers in Banbury and the local area for more than thirty years, including boilers from top manufacturers such as Ideal, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant.

Ideal Accredited Installer

You can benefit from our approved installer status with extended parts and labour warranties on Vogue and Logic+ ranges, but that doesn't mean we won't install other manufacturers if that's your preference.

Logic+ is Ideal's flagship range that comes with a 7 year parts and labour warranty, whilst the premium Vogue range benefits from a 10 year warranty. Both the Logic+ and Vogue ranges received Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended Status in 2013 and 2017.

Gas Safe Registered

Gas Safe Registered - M&N Heating & Plumbing

Whomever you choose to install your boiler, always ensure they are Gas Safe Registered. The Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the UK and, by law, anyone who works on gas appliances must be on the Gas Safe Register. Always remember to check for the Gas Safe Register ID card before allowing anyone to work on gas appliances in your home.

M&N Heating & Plumbing, and all relevant staff members, are Gas Safe Registered. Our business registration number is 8146.

No Obligation Quote

Installing a new boiler is a big investment that you shouldn't rush into without knowing all the facts. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any further questions you may have, our friendly team will be happy to help with impartial, no obligation advice.

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